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GARDENA Wall-Mounted Hose Box Roll up M (20M)

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No cranking, no tangling, no twisting: Thanks to the GARDENA Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp M garden irrigation is particularly easy and convenient.

The compact hose box is simply attached to any wall and is immediately ready for use.

The practical wall bracket can be rotated by more than 180 so that the hose does not kink when watering and every corner of the garden can be watered effortlessly.

To water, simply extend the garden hose to a maximum of 20 metres. Thanks to a practical locking mechanism, the hose is automatically fixed at the desired length.

The particularly short locking points grip as soon as you stop.

To roll up, the mechanism is released with a light pull. Thanks to the built-in steel spring, the hose rolls up again reliably, automatically and evenly.

The roll-up mechanism has an innovative RollControl technology, which ensures safe and controlled retraction of the hose.

The box has an integrated hose guide so that no knots or kinks damage the hose during rolling.

Below the wall bracket is a practical holder for any watering attachment.

Both UV and antifreeze protection prevent material damage caused by sunlight or frost. Thus, the Wall-Mounted Hose Box can be used all year round and a long product life.

In addition, the box cannot be stolen thanks to the anti-theft protection.

The Wall-Mounted Hose Box comes with wall bracket, flexible connection hose, all necessary Original GARDENA System and Assembly Parts as well as a sprayer with two different spray jet options.

What’s in the box

1 x GARDENA Garden Hose Box RollUp Medium